Kitchen & Bathrooms Design Report 2011: Tangled up in Blue 19.08.11

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The 1982 cult sci-fi film Tron has influenced a generation of filmmakers, writers, musicians and artists. Now 
a group of designers has gone further and created a series of rooms inspired by the Tron aesthetic, one of the most talked-about works on show at the Milan fair in April. Tron Designs Corian is a collaboration between Disney and DuPont, and it presents a prototype home as filtered through the Tron aesthetic – the ultimate "Safe House". Whereas the film's world is the product of a single man, each room in the exhibition is the work of a different designer, and each has devised their own way of reconciling traditional ideas of homeliness with the cold neon of Tron's virtual reality.


Italian studio AquiliAlberg was responsible for the kitchen. "The neon effect was perfect to express the dynamism and the interaction of surfaces," says partner Laura Aquili. "From the grid effect of the flooring to the crystalline shapes of the furniture, we designed pieces that bring dynamism without producing disorientation. They're constrained by a rigorous geometry."

The result is sweetly underplayed. Stylistically, it's very Tron – a laser-grid floor and monolithic units are both present – but not to the detriment of function. There's a table, four chairs and a central console. It's a futuristic kitchen, but it's a kitchen for the nuclear family of the not-too-distant future.

In contrast to the muted kitchen, Marco Piva's bathroom is more space age. A hyper-exaggerated wellness suite dominated by two circular units – one a jacuzzi, the other an upright mirror – his design is minimalist and alien. Piva's room is playful; a full-on salute to classic sci-fi.

"I've always been a big fan of science-fiction movies," he admits. "It's a mystical scenario, almost antiseptic, 
in which memory and extreme technicality live together. The circle shape represents perfection, completeness – it's the traditional symbol of what has no beginning or end – like virtual reality."



Leo Torri



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The neon effect was perfect to express the dynamism and the interaction of surfaces

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