Milan: Lighting 18.08.11

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Nathalie Dewez
Established & Sons
This year Established & Sons presented its collections at the Versace Theatre and there were a few clever items worthy of the glamorous venue. Balance by Nathalie Dewez is a desk lamp with a bent tubular aluminium form and integrated LEDs. The wider base of the tube conceals the LEDs' transformer, the weight of which acts as a counterbalance for the lamp, allowing it to be completely freestanding. With a gentle push, the light can be set in motion, swinging slowly around the base's pivot point.


credit Established & Sons

Gionata Gatto and Mike Thompson
Trap light
A corner of Spazio Rossana Orlandi's basement was taken over by Gionata Gatto and Mike Thompson, who created a grotto-like space to demonstrate their Trap light. The lamp's glass is embedded with photoluminescent pigments – particles that are "charged" with energy from an LED bulb for 30 minutes and then re-emit coloured
light for up to eight hours after the bulb is turned off. The room was periodically plunged into darkness, allowing Trap Light's ambient glow to mesmerise visitors.


credit Gionata Gatto

Planet is an all-fabric lampshade with no inner frame. The lamp is embroidered with a special yarn that stiffens when heated, becoming a decorative exoskeleton of wiry seams. Italian multi-disciplinary design studio Changedesign developed the technology as part of Foscarini's research arm, taking inspiration from the "intelligent stitching" on clothes worn by NASA astronauts in zero-gravity conditions.


credit Foscarini

Phillippe Starck
Marie Coquine Chandelier
Eight designers including Philippe Starck, Jaime Hayón and Michele De Lucchi were invited to create chandelier installations for the Baccarat Highlights exhibition. Starck's whimsical Marie Coquine was hard to miss: an umbrella-cum-chandelier balanced on a tripod by a leather punchbag. Exploring the mystical nature of crystal, Starck's umbrella is a reference to the magical world of Mary Poppins. He says: "She did the most elegant ... most surrealist thing I've ever seen. She leads an ordinary life, then suddenly she opens up her umbrella and flies off very graciously."


credit Baccarat






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Changedesign took inspiration from the "intelligent stitching" on clothes worn by NASA astronauts in zero-gravity conditions

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