Milan: Two new pieces by Cappellini 29.04.10

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Tailored Wood Bench by Raw-Edges

As the volcanic ash cloud kept the majority of visitors stranded, Milan's imprisoned took to the free drink with greater vigour than usual. But coming out of the hangover was at times surreal; is it true that Wallpaper magazine commissioned a new flavour of crisp? Did Fabio Novembre really follow-up his disastrous "bum chair" with a face chair? And does Nendo's Ribbon stool for Cappellini now sport Mickey Mouse ears?

While we can vouch that Wallpaper got it right with the smoked beetroot flavour, Novembre's Nemo chair for Driade, and Cappellini and Walt Disney's joint collection were gimmicky design at its worst. But there were two pieces in Cappellini's new collection that were particularly strong: The Tailored Wood Bench collection of armchair, stool and bench by London-based designers Raw-Edges and the Alodia stool by Todd Bracher.

Raw-Edges' pieces are made of wood veneer stuffed with foam. The pieces are baked to expand the foam inside, a process that crinkles the veneer in a way that makes each piece unique. The kayak shaped bench was our favourite from the collection, although it was difficult not to compare it to Bertjan Pot's boat-shaped bench for Arco.

Todd Bracher's stackable steel stool came in three sizes and a range of colours. It was the light structure that made it look so appealing, so it's a shame that you'd need to work up some good muscle to stack them, as they are unreasonably heavy.

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Tailored Wood Bench armchair by Raw-Edges

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Tailored Wood Bench stool by Raw-Edges

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There were two pieces in Cappellini's new collection that were particularly strong

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