Stockholm Furniture Fair 31.03.10

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We went to Stockholm Furniture Fair last month to check out the state of the Scandinavian design scene. It seemed to be thriving with designers from all over the world descending on the Swedish capital for a week. Here are the products we liked the best.

Ton by Mark Braun
Mark Braun from Berlin (icon 074) showed his wares in the furniture fair's Greenhouse space that was created by up-and-coming Swedish designer Jens Fager. Moving away from lighting design, Braun presented this series of stools-cum-tables in laminated wood. The darker version is "smoked" while the lighter version is "bleached" oak. There are three different sizes that cleverly slot into each other, making them stackable.

Sempé w103 by Inga Sempé for Wästberg
Sempé produced some of our favourite products in both Paris and Stockholm. This umbrella-like desk light is the perfect example of her playfulness. It also comes in pink. The light and flexible stem is attached to a solid base but can also be fastened directly to the side of a table with a bracket. It adds a new look to the classic metal task light and uses LEDs as a light source.

Sempe w103b 2 rt

HILO by Form Us With Love for Voice
Form Us With Love opted to show on a building site in the centre of Stockholm instead of at the fair proper. It exhibited a range of new products including a new take on the beanbag for Voice (a metal holder in which the beanbag is plonked). This metal side table with two table tops, connected by a swirly metal leg, is part of the same range.

IMG 0083 rt

Straw by Osko + Deichmann for Blå Station
We saw the predecessor of this chair at a gallery in Berlin last June. Then it was a tribute to Breuer's tubular steel cantilever chair and had a leather seat. This time around it has evolved into a four-legged stackable version produced in lacquered steel 
and in a range of primary colours.

Straw 005 prod rt



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This umbrella-like desk light is the perfect example of her playfulness

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