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Behind the Scenes two-way camera
Cameras until now have only ever taken images before our very eyes. Rather than accepting this and getting permanently locked into one way of looking at the world – and one way of capturing visual memories through the lens – why not expand our understanding of photography and reveal an augmented view of a given moment? Behind the Scenes Camera is designed to capture what's going on behind our back, beyond our control, while simultaneously capturing the scene in front of us.

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Tarati mobile phone
There is still a block of material separating you from the other person you are trying to reach using a phone: the phone itself. Connecting to loved ones by way of mobile phone technology is a magical experience unto itself. It's poetry in motion, and yet the devices we use to reflect this experience do not communicate poetically. Tarati (in Sanskrit, meaning "through") is a step towards rewriting cell phone history. Tarati enables the user to connect with others by passing fingers, in order, through key holes. This action of dialling alone is a more magical experience and, hence, more indicative of what's really happening beyond the visible realm. Tarati beckons the user to "touch" someone without physically touching a single key.

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1001 Drops spoon
What if a spoon could inspire a more savoury soup experience? Imagine if its form could provoke an altogether new taste sensation, where each drop of flavour simply bursts in your mouth, over your taste buds, like the popping open of pearl pockets from inside a pomegranate. Of course the conventional spoon has "served" us well for centuries ... perhaps it's time for a change. Poetically, this design asks, "Can a single spoon give the sensation of 1001 spoons at once?"

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Tarati enables the user to connect with others by passing fingers, in order, through key holes

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