House in Moriyama

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words Cathelijne Nuijsink

House in Moriyama is the latest project from Japan’s prolific Suppose Design Office, founded by 34-year-old Makoto Tanijiri.

It started with a request for a house with a lively garden in Nagoya for a bank employee, his wife and their two children. As the cramped site made it impossible to include a garden adjacent to the house, Tanijiri dedicated one room inside the house entirely to plants. This “green room” wraps around the living and dining room and the upper bedroom, creating an interior perimeter garden behind glass walls.

Objects that normally decorate a room are now scattered in the garden. The house plays with interior and exterior boundaries, and meshes the residents’ life with that of plants. “Furniture, books and art objects, the common interior components, naturally merge with the outdoors,” explains Tanijiri. “Although living on a narrow plot surrounded by houses, the family members will build an intimate relationship with the plants.”

To increase the feeling of an interior landscape, the entrance is slightly higher than the street level. By placing the garden on a slope, the natural landscape takes different levels, just like an authentic landscape. “The plants truly form part of the architecture, and make for a continuous change in the way of living,” concludes Tanijiri. “With the enjoyment of those changes, everyday life will become a much richer experience.” 




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