Blob Wall

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words Johanna Agerman

In Los Angeles the humble brick has had a redesign courtesy of Greg Lynn/Form. Blob Wall is a partitioning system built up of large individual “blobs”, rotationally moulded from recyclable plastic. Lynn has pushed the capabilities of the blobs, which have previously only appeared as a freestanding wall, by folding them into an arched pavilion for an installation at the Sci-Arc gallery.

“Every time we have been commissioned to do a Blob Wall installation we’ve tweaked the concept, but this is the first time that we have arrived at an enclosed unit,” says Jackilin Bloom of Lynn’s design team.

The tri-lobed blobs click into one another and form an arching structure with a rippled surface. Just like the trusted old brick, the Blob Wall comes in varying hues, from the deepest purple to brightest pink in this instance. It was originally intended to move to the Venice Biennale of Architecture in September, but Lynn has now set his sights on another building material not entirely unrelated to the seductively coloured blobs – recycled toys.

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