Yuri Suzuki’s Sonic Playground is an interactive installation in Atlanta 17.07.18

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The Japanese designer's colorful sculptures that modify and transmit sound in unusual, engaging and playful ways have opened in Atlanta


Japanese artist and designer Yuri Suzuki’s Sonic Playground installation has opened in Atlanta’s High Museum of Art. The six colourful sculptures resemble parabolic dishes that swallow, distort, and echo sounds as visitors interact with them.

Installed in the museum’s Sifly Piazza, the six Dr-Seussian pieces are made up of colourful powdered coated steel pipes that snake around the floor.


Each piece manipulates sound differently depending on where viewers are standing, listening or speaking. Suzuki used horns and pipes to bend the acoustics in a playful way, and visitors are encouraged to kneel down to listen or sit between two pipes sounds to experience the sculptures differently.


Suzuki has long integrated sound into his work. For Sonic Playground, he partnered with engineers to adjust each piece to make it acoustically sound and structurally safe. This required changing the sound horns to faceted horns and adding extra supports to enhance the structural sturdiness.


Suzuki made his name by exploring the realms of sound through thoughtfully designed pieces. His work looks into the relationship between sound and people, and how music and sound affect their minds. His sound, art, and installations have been exhibited all over the world.

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