Mosa introduces Murals Fuse wall tiles; Lively and interactive 15.05.18

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Mosa Murals Fuse ICON

Mosa's new Murals Fuse create impression of a fluid and animated effect that integrates smoothly with its surroundings. 


Transforming architectural surfaces into vibrant works of art, the Murals Fuse series is lively and interactive, bringing the user to the centre of the spatial experience. These playful tiles are designed to give the impression of subtly changing their appearance, depending on the user’s perception. Fuse produces a fluid and animated effect, which means that each composition can integrate smoothly and flexibly into its surroundings. 

With Murals Fuse, soft colour gradations and the use of different tone variations almost imperceptibly create the illusion of movement in a truly dynamic, contemporary surface. Fuse offers a choice from a range of colours and tile formats, ready to adapt to any design through countless configurations, to match from the more subtle styles to the more pronounced. Based on the Murals Blend's pallet, Fuse colours can be combined in an infinite number of different ways.

Discover the Murals Fuse in the Mosa Design Studio London during Clerkenwell Design Week  at 56-60 St. John Street, Clerkenwell, London.

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