New Carsten Höller slide opens in Florence, but sliding down will come with a catch 06.04.18

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carsten holler and stefano mancuso blend slides science at palazzo strozzi in florence copy

Visitors will be handed a plant to hold as they slide down Carsten Höller's new installation at Firenze's Palazzo Strozzi

Opening today at the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence is Carsten Höller's new slide installation, in partnership with plant neurobiologist Stefano Mancuso.

Scientist-cum-artist and occasional furniture designer Höller is taking over the Palazzo Strozzi for the spring and summer. The installation will see visitors handed a plant for a period of time so researchers can measure its response to human emotion. The rub: attendees will have to carry the plant down one of Höller’s ubiquitous slides – another of which now graces a Miami shopping mall.

Fun times for all.

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