Travel between floors in style with a Lifton Home Lift 06.12.17

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The revolutionary technology of the luxury Lifton Home Lift is changing the way people choose to move around their homes.

For homeowners who do not wish to compromise on space or design, Lifton domestic lifts enrich the home environment, but are also compact, discreet and stylish. Lifton lifts can help transform the user’s quality of life by making it easier to safely get around the home, all at a touch of button.

Making the way we travel between floors more pleasurable, the elegant Lifton Home Lift is powered by a quiet integrated drive system, glides up one level in under 30 seconds and plugs straight into a standard domestic power socket.

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Modular in design, the Lifton through floor lift is very flexible and can be transported and configured in almost any location within the home. It can enhance any floorplan or interior design – whether the lift be installed in a corner, in a cupboard, in a stairwell or through a galleried landing. Or if preferred, the lift can be positioned centre-stage for maximum effect.

Encased in soft aluminium grey with an airy, semi-transparent surround and atmospheric LED downlights, the Lifton Home Lift has been engineered by the Stiltz Group to be admired and immediately blend effortlessly into any background.

Lifton Home Lift Through Floor

Self-supported on unobtrusive and elegant two slimline stilts, when the Lifton domestic lift is in position upstairs it virtually disappears from sight on the floor below, leaving behind only two discreet rails. When located downstairs, a small section of upper level flooring, fixed to the lid of the lift, ensures that any flooring upstairs flows naturally.

Architects are drawn to the simplicity and style of Lifton domestic lifts and a standard application can be fully installed and functioning in just one day, causing minimal disruption to a project or plan. So, rediscover your freedom and give your property the ultimate upgrade with a Lifton Home Lift.

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