Sans Souci: Lighting fixtures sparkle up London 21.11.17

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Sans Souci is bringing its stunning lighting installations in Bohemian glass to London for the first time at this year's Sleep

The world's finest glass is produced in Bohemia, and Sans Souci upholds the industry's rich tradition. Its production is permeated by glass, from the floor to the ceiling, and offers complex solutions to bring superlative glass luxury to any interior with ease.

A mainstay at international design exhibitions in Milan, Paris and Dubai, Sans Souci now comes to dazzle a London audience. Meticulously selected lighting installations are to be introduced at the Sleep event under the title of Glass Glamour Collection, featuring the very finest crystal installations with Sans Souci's unique nano-coating materials to create the stars of the show.

The company gives glass new forms of expression – as demonstrated by its latest fixtures, entitled 'Lure'. Lines made of tiny crystal glass plates, with an optical pattern, create glamorous veils which are as enticing as gold. Viewers will be equally blown away by the 'Flying Leaves' design; a mix of individually hand-shaped and precisely crafted amber leaves with additional leaves featuring a captivating nano-coated gold finish.

Fixtures such as these are a beautiful addition to luxury hotels and residential interiors. With an ever-growing international presence, Sans Souci is always available to discuss unique crystal solutions for interiors.

Sans Souci welcomes you at Sleep, DG15 SPACES.
+44 7594 505 234

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