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Citrus Chair – sociable, versatile and comfortable. See your space differently, mix things up and adapt your seating whenever it suits you. This striking design has the flexibility of a chair, the comfort of a sofa and is inspired by the curves of nature.

Who are we?

Citradi is a small company nestled in the Oxfordshire countryside. Founder and designer Holly Hughes considers it her mission to bring together London style and Cotswold comfort "Drawing design inspiration from nature and the organic curves that surround us, we produce contemporary, handmade furniture, built with traditional methods to ensure comfort.”

The concept

After working for years in interior design Holly Hughes realised we live and work in rectangular boxes. “Our furniture conforms to this layout for efficiency, but linear is not necessarily sociable. Sofas, with their backs against the wall, force us to sit in a formal, static formation. I wanted to free us to sit where we choose and mix things up.”

The concept is that you can reconfigure your space as many times as you like, with a chair which is manoeuvrable and adaptable. It is also accompanied by a small table, which can be placed between the chairs to visually join them into 2-seaters, 3-seaters, 4-seaters.

2 Citradi Citrus Chair

Designer and founder

Holly Hughes has always been fascinated by the simple pleasure of environments and everyday objects. Graduating from Brunel University in Furniture Design, she developed a playful, organic, design vernacular.

"Design for me is a way of life and one which I find energizing … The right furniture in the right space can be truly uplifting and inspirational. I feel we all need a bit of that in our lives … I always aim to put the fun into function, blending modern design with practicality and comfort. Add to that an element of flexibility and to me you have the perfect piece."

Launched at 100% Design 

Find out more at www.citradi.com

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3 Citradi Citrus Chair

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