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Ceramics, Portugal does it better 21.09.17

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Design, Innovation and Quality Assurance - three primal attributes that are the baseline of the international success of Portuguese ceramics. It is from the symbiosis between the art, the know-how and innovation, that we can write the history of the Portuguese Ceramic Industry of tomorrow.

As natural as the clay that serves as raw material for Ceramics, this is the heritage and evolution of an entire Sector based on the efforts of people and organizations. Ceramics is developed from elements of Nature - Water and Sand. And it is from the ancient, millenarian matter, that something is made, always new and that exalts a collective identity.

Ceramics, Portugal Does It Better is an aggregating and unifying concept of an Industry and all its subsectors, with its own characteristics, nature and identity that will be presented at 100%Design, London. An unique opportunity to show not only internationally awarded pieces of Portuguese Ceramics, but also demonstrate the perfect symbiosis between Architecture and Ceramics “Building For All” session, 20th September (at the Talks with 100% Design, Kensington Olympia) - a partnership between APICER - Portuguese Association of Ceramic and Domestic Glass Industries and Portuguese architect, Luís Pedro Silva.

Ceramics, Portugal Does It Better welcomes you at 100%Design, Stand D202

Visit us www.apicer.pt

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