Canal’s Feature Cantilever Staircases 09.10.17

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Over recent years, one staircase has emerged and grown rapidly among architects, designers and home owners which provides a spectacular architectural art form, the cantilever staircase. There is a varied and diverse array of possibilities for a cantilever staircase design. Canal have provided their expertise on many feature staircases and can design many styles, including straight, quarter turn, helical, curved and more.

Due to its nature of design, it is imperative that the walling is it connected to be strong and reliable enough to take the load. Therefore the construction and installation method is dictated by the wall in question. Thankfully there are multiple construction options available that Canal can cater to for various wall structures in residential and commercial environments throughout the UK and abroad.

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The choice of materials of a cantilever staircase are near infinite. In addition with a main steel construction allows choosing materials for your staircase to be broken down into individual elements. One of the most common and contemporary styles used is incorporating glass balustrades, stainless steel handrails along with timber treads. This material combination increases the light flow throughout the property with the open riser design combined with the glass balustrades. In addition the timber treads of your choice can be matched with the existing floor to complement the property.

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