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Whittard by Industville 18.09.17

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History is at the centre of Whittard of Chelsea’s flagship store in Covent Garden. Situated within the main piazza at Covent Garden, Whittard is as much a British institution as its iconic surroundings. A master in the art of quality tea, coffee and cocoa since 1886, its Covent Garden store is spread over two storeys. Entering on the ground floor and main retail space, Whittard has created a glorious full-scale emporium filled to the rafters with a library of teas, infusions, artisanal coffees and exclusive blends that have made Whittard of Chelsea famous. Beneath this, on the lower level, it has created a specialist brew bar with over 100 types of loose-leaf tea.

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The rich brass finish is an ideal style to cast a welcoming golden glow

At Covent Garden, Whittard has addressed the challenge of retaining the essence of a business rooted in history, while fulfilling the necessities of modern retail. The lighting chosen in both areas of the store, provided by Industville, is one example of how these two requirements have been bridged. Industville offers a range of lighting and furniture which has been specifically designed with this in mind. All its products take inspiration from vintage, industrial lighting of the late 19th and early 20th century. Created from the highest-quality materials, and designed in components, Industville products can be adapted and tailored to any design specification and provide a perfect means of nodding to a historical reference without the high cost or time constraints of originals.

The main retail space on the ground floor above uses the Brooklyn Vintage Giant Step Pendant in Brass. One of the largest shades in the Industville range, with an architectural, stepped shape and a rich brass finish, it is an ideal style to cast a welcoming golden glow on the vast selection of teas, coffees and related accessories.

The new-style ‘tea bar’ below offers a welcoming contrast. Here the warm tones of ageing wood and brass have been replaced with a more contemporary, fresh but cosy effect, with whitewashed brick walls and the Old Factory Vintage Pendant in Pale Grey Pewter lighting up an array of delicious delicacies at the counter.

Indust 3

Industville have helped to bring a fresh but cosy effect through light to Whittard’s contemporary tea bar

Operating out of its south-east London showroom and warehouse, Industville has worked with a variety of companies across the retail, leisure and hospitality industries as well as supplying interior and home projects across the UK and worldwide. All of its products are made from the highest-quality materials and individually hand-finished to ensure that they retain an authentic, individual quality that holds true to the ethos and feel of vintage fixtures. Bespoke options are available to match all customers’ projects and visions. In addition, all items are stocked within the UK to keep order and delivery time to a minimum.

More information at www.industville.co.uk

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Above: Hand-crafted Brooklyn Vintage Giant Step Metal Lampshade in Brass (18 inch)


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