100% Design preview: Max Fraser 18.09.17

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We spoke to the exhibition’s new content editor about what to expect in its 23rd year as part of London Design Festival

100% Design, founded in 1995, is a cornerstone of London Design Festival, and will be welcoming visitors to Kensington's Olympia between 20 and 23 September this year. Critic, author and former deputy director of LDF Max Fraser has been announced as the show’s new content editor. So what changes to 100% Design, now in its 23rd year, can we expect this time round? We caught up with the man of the hour to find out more

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ICON So what can you offer in your new role?

MF My work as a design writer, journalist and consultant has taken me all over the world, and I get to see great design ideas and projects on a regular basis. As content editor, I can hopefully bring that awareness and experience to 100% Design, giving input into the talks programme and the various editorial features around the show.

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ICON What was your brief for this year’s edition?

MF I’m working on the entrance feature to the show, hopefully giving visitors something interesting to consider before they embark on visiting the many exhibitors. At trade fairs, while they are places to do business, I’ve always felt that editorial features add an important break from the commercial nature of the space. Through these editorial elements, if we’re able to educate, inform and inspire our audience in some way, then we help to open up the dialogue around design beyond the exchange of goods.

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ICON Could you tell us a little more about the entrance feature?

MF It will be placing a spotlight on details in product designs that have gone through extensive development but probably go unnoticed by most of us. The display is not all about newness, but instead celebrates excellent products by designers who have been involved with 100% Design over the years.

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ICON How do you co-ordinate the contents of such a diverse show as 100% Design?

MF A bit of luck, a good team and, well, we’ll see!

100% Design takes place from 20 to 23 September 2017. Register to attend here




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