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The Portland distillery has opened a tasting room at its new factory, so customers can prop up the bar and watch how tomorrow’s hangover was made …

The completion of a new factory has tripled the production capacity of House Spirits, a distillery based in Portland, Oregon. As part of this expansion, the brand decided to open a tasting room to engage more directly with its customers.

At the centre of the facility, designed by local practice Osmose, is a Corian-topped bar, around which visitors can mingle while sampling whiskey, gin and vodka. Alongside is a window, surrounded by large wooden baffles, that gives you a glimpse behind the scenes. “The baffles were developed to frame and lead your eye towards the tanks,” Osmose’s Andee Hess says. “The connection to the production side of things was thrilling, because you are seeing inside the factory, but are also contained in a dynamic environment that is telling you a story.”

Two horizontal lighting features link the viewing window to a shelving system on the other side of the room, where the distillery’s spirits, each individually branded, are displayed, with information about their history, production and ingredients. “Our challenge was to take this variety and create an environment that is home to all of them and support a learning experience,” Hess says. In the middle of the room, limited-edition bottles are displayed on up-lit wooden platforms of varying heights.

Simple colour and material palettes – local fir, black and light-grey Valchromat (a mix of wood and resin), and aluminium details – allow the products to take centre stage, while a mosaic of black, grey and white Bolon tiles lends texture to the polished concrete floors.




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