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Bespoke lighting, a magical expression of crafted industrial design

Algorithm is a lighting product of its time. It invites interactive creativity on the part of architects, interior and lighting designers, based on a marriage of craft and industrial manufacturing standards to produce a sculptural feature that is a physical expression of the sophisticated mathematics that define our modern day life. Algorithm is a lamp that is perhaps better described as a tool that allows designers to create a bespoke installation tailored to the requirements of individual projects.

Manufactured by Vibia, the Spanish-based lighting company, Algorithm was created by Toan Nguyen, who outlines his inspiration behind the bespoke design: 'The intention was not to design a completely defined and finished product, but a tool that allows any customer to create his own lighting lamp, in relation with the architecture space, the area to light and the desired kind of graphic pattern.'

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The actual light source is provided by LED lights contained within blown glass spheres, with a striated surface pattern for optimum light diffusion. The spheres or globes are supported by metal rods, which are in turn suspended from a metal matrix using black cables. The metal structure and the heights at which the spheres are set provide the variables that determine the configuration of the final installation.

A myriad configurations is made possible, thanks to the elemental nature of the design, both metaphoric and mathematical in inspiration: a constellation, a flock of birds or a cloud of frozen rain, this collection adds magic and delight to the world of illumination.

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