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Taipei’s JumpFromPaper captured the public imagination with its cartoon-like bags, but can the brand come up with something new fast enough?

There couldn’t be a more apt name for a company making colourful, pop art-style handbags than JumpFromPaper. Based in Taipei, it burst onto the scene in 2015 with its uniquely stylised debut collection of handbags and backpacks, and has since incrementally expanded its offerings. Subsequent collections have kept to this strong yet curiously flat aesthetic, and the brand has expanded its product range, while adding new colours and patterns.

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JumpFromPaper - 16AW - Woolen Handbag - Grey - 1. model use

The novel two-dimensional aesthetic has certainly captured the public’s attention. ‘People think it’s the coolest thing ever and are always confused whether it’s real or photoshopped,’ says Ching-Ann Tsai, JumpFromPaper’s creative director. The latest Autumn/Winter collection embraces a wide range of gentle pastel colours apparently inspired by French confectionary, and the designs veer towards more minimal, calmer compositions.

One might argue that by creating such a memorable concept, the brand may have limited its scope for further experimentation. Or has it? ‘Hmmmm, JumpFromPaper home – that would be nice, that’s the ultimate goal! Imagine a room decorated in a two-dimensional style,’ suggests Tsai jokingly. On a more serious note, however, she admits that the company is working on a new accessories collection that will once again make the thickly outlined sketches jump from paper into our daily lives. This space might be worth watching for a little longer.




Peter Smisek


Above: JumpFromPaper - 16AW - Woolen Coin Purse - Turquoise

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