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North Light 12.10.16

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By way of contrast to the harsh and direct light from the south, North light provides a more even and indirect illumination which is free from shadows and blinding contrasts. The North collection, designed by Arik Levy for VIBIA was inspired by the eponymous compass coordinate: a collection of floor, wall and ceiling lights which separates the light source from its base or anchor, a carbon fibre rod suspends the traditional shade in space where the illumination is required whether it be over a dining table, seating area or reception.

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Levy recounts the experience of going surfing, very early in the morning, lying on his board in the water before dawn and observing the tenuous glow on the horizon just before the sunrise. This is the moment that is recreated with North. The fitting allows users to move the light source independent of furniture or layout in order to provide a tenuous and soft indirect light. North sets the mood, it differentiates zones within the same space, it provides character and sets up contrasts.

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The North collection features the creative application of avant-garde innovation such as the LED light source and the carbon fibre rod, representing optimum efficiency in material technology. The North collection is available in several preconfigured versions that incorporate single or multiple arms, equally suitable for floor, wall and ceilings allowing lighting designers the freedom to highlight different areas. Its flexibility and efficiency make North suitable for either contract or residential applications.

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