Wish Machine by Autoban 23.09.16


The Turkish architects' installation at the London Design Biennale references the utopian dreams of refugees seeking a better future

The idea of a wish tree, where someone might pin a note, memento or money to a tree in the hope of having their dreams come true, spans numerous cultures – from ancient Greek to Far Eastern.

Representing Turkey at the first London Design Biennale, taking place at Somerset House until 27 September 2016, design and architecture studio Autobahn has reinterpreted this tradition using an unlikely combination of mirrors and pneumatic tubes.

Visitors to the installation walk through a hexagonal tunnel where they feed their wish through a slot at a dead end in an ‘extreme utopic gesture’. The notes are sucked through the tubes to an unknown destination. ‘The gesture of making a wish aspires to mimic the profound hope of those among the biggest movement of people in recorded history, who search for utopian lands with dreams of a better future,’ explain the architects.





Image: Ed Reeve


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