Embrace by Eoos 26.05.16

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The Austrian studio adds a rare touch of informality to the Carl Hansen aesthetic

Known for work with Danish masters such as Hans Wegner, Carl Hansen & Søn is vigilant about its heritage, and insists any additions to its collection meet strict criteria. In the words of chief executive Knud Erik Hansen: ‘The products are carefully made and eliminate any inappropriate details that do not contribute to the quality of the piece.’ Under such circumstances, it didn’t bode well that Austrian trio Eoos took the word ‘imperfection’ as its starting point when designing the Embrace collection.

Fortunately, imperfect in this case meant ‘informal’. ‘Carl Hansen & Søn’s products are all perfect,’ explains designer Gernot Bohmann. ‘We were interested in adding a kind of softness and casual aesthetic to its language.’ The collection, which went on display at the brand’s London showroom for Clerkenwell Design Week, began last year with a dining chair, and has now been expanded to include a lounge chair and a footstool, all of which feature plush cushions that sit lightly on slim wooden frames.

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The chairs are available with an oak (pictured) or walnut frame

They were designed with comfort in mind, but the lounge chair allows for a more relaxed, nonchalant sitting position than its dining equivalent, with voluminous cushioning that surrounds the sitter like a hug. ‘The language is classic and casual at the same time. We like this inner tension,’ Bohmann says. ‘The wooden frame clearly communicates the DNA of Carl Hansen & Søn, but the way the soft and hard components meet and support each other is new, which makes it an Eoos chair.’

For Hansen, Eoos’s approach was a ‘welcome opportunity to explore our own design DNA. It is a charming combination, which has never been seen before’. The imperfect, it seems, will do nicely.



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Above: The cushion functions as seat, back and armrests

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Carl Hansen & Søn’s products are all perfect. We were interested in adding a kind of softness and casual aesthetic to its language

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