Mai Gidah 22.04.16


The London-based brand fuses eclectic motifs and technical craftsmanship to create a bold, colourful menswear collection

Ghana-born designer Alec Abdulrahim studied fashion in Antwerp, Belgium, and now runs his label, Mai Gidah, from London. Such an international trajectory has left him with an intense interest in the world around him. So, while the use of bold colour combinations can be traced to his Ghanaian heritage, this year’s spring/summer offering has an additional source of inspiration.

“The collection was also influenced by chinoiserie, and the soft colours used in the style’s vases and paintings,” Abdulrahim explains. As a result, softer pastels are juxtaposed with more saturated hues. Furthermore, the designs feature unexpected and asymmetrical patches and layers of technical fabrics that contrast with the overall formal symmetry. “I work both with technical and organic fabrics, and it’s important that the fabric has a good weight when you touch it,” Abdulrahim says. “Since it protects you, it has to feel right.”

Abdulrahim has ambitious plans for Mai Gidah’s future. “For the next collection, we worked with knitwear for the first time and we also collaborated on footwear,” he continues. “I want to build the whole universe, and I’m building step by step!”



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Above: The collection brings together soft pastels and stronger hues

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It’s important that the fabric has a good weight when you touch it. Since it protects you, it has to feel right

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