Fish & Fish by Paola Navone 08.04.16

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A new collection of glassware plays on the designer's love of fish and her fascination with traditional manufacturing methods

It’s not just young, up-and-coming designers who have embraced the whimsical aesthetic of the Memphis group: one of its original members, Paola Navone, never stopped delighting in idiosyncratic design, as proven by her latest collaboration with Serax for the Merci Concept Store in Paris. “Water is my natural element, and fish motifs are absolutely some of my favourite,” Navone says. “Today more than ever I like imagining objects with a friendly and relaxing mood.”

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The various fish appliqués exude an almost naive charm: from cartoonish scales and fish tails on some platters, to abstract “Herring Bar” stamps on others. The standout piece of the collection is undoubtedly the bottle, which is a small, ornate fish statuette in its own right. In contrast, the hexagonal glasses and jars are devoid of any decoration.

Gently textured green glass is used throughout the collection, using the traditional moulded-glass techniques employed in the United States during the 1930s. This method fits neatly into Navone’s lifelong dedication to balancing industrial production and the “imperfect beauty” of handcrafted products, resulting in a collection that celebrates the joys of a convivial meal.



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I like imagining objects with a friendly and relaxing mood

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