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Navigating unknown streets is a challenge, but this intuitive device aims to help out the enterprising cyclist, and to look good too ...

In both Europe and North America, urban cycling is going through something of a renaissance. For most cyclists, however, navigating an unfamiliar area can still be quite bewildering, which can put them off exploring their surroundings. Last year, two friends and avid cyclists Mark Jenner and Tom Putnam decided to do something about this problem.

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Teaming up with MAP, a design company founded by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, they devised BeeLine, a navigation and tracking system ideally suited to bicycles. Rather than providing the user with detailed, step-by-step instructions and a map packed full of superfluous information, the design has been simplified into a single round dial that indicates the distance and the direction to the destination.

It’s attached to the bicycle handlebar with a silicone strap and receives data through a smartphone app. The exact route is up to the user, bringing an element of discovery to what might otherwise have been a nerve-wracking journey.

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