Ember coffee mug 21.02.16

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Luminaries of Nokia, Microsoft and Amazon Labs have invented a mug that keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature for hours

Travel mug Ember is aimed at coffee aficionados who take a while to finish their beverage, only to find their last few sips lukewarm and disappointing. The technical solution is based on a simple principle: first, a too-hot liquid is poured into the vessel, the body of which contains a phase-change material that quickly absorbs the excess heat, cooling the contents to the desired temperature. From that point on, integrated batteries kick in, keeping the content just-so for up to two hours, or potentially indefinitely if the mug is placed on its charging mat.

A single glowing dial is all the tech that is visible – while the mug is working it can be adjusted by hand, just like a thermostat. Or you can even use a mobile-phone app to control the temperature of your drink remotely.



Peter Smisek

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