Sfera 27.01.16

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  • From the DOnG range, Windsor is a minimalist dog bed in beech and cherry. The cushion is optional; dog not included

  • Mashiro’s Tonton chair is made from cherry, maple and quince wood, and can be upholstered

  • Candleholders show off the traditional wood- and metal-working skills of the Kyoto Prefecture

The Japanese brand unites traditional craft and contemporary design in a range of homeware and furniture that is elegant yet playful

Respected Japanese brand Sfera showed off its range in London for the first time towards the end of last year. On display were its homeware, furniture and ceramics, as well as a series designed for pets, inspired by brand founder Shigeo Mashiro’s own dog, Don.

Established in 2001 in Kyoto, Sfera emerged out of former restaurateur Mashiro’s desire to create an environment where food, tableware and interior elements worked harmoniously together. The brand aims to combine traditional craftsmanship and materials with contemporary design and purpose, mainly using natural materials such as wood, metal, stone and organic fibres.

Its latest range includes furniture designed by Mashiro: chunky-legged chairs, textured tables and an amusingly elegant dog bed. The new collection of ceramics, candleholders and vessels was created in collaboration with Japanese artisans, in an effort to showcase traditional crafts such metal-hammering, woodworking and pottery.




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