Praça Tiradentes, Rio de Janeiro 19.10.15

  • The neighbourhood surrounding Praça Tiradentes

  • Paula de Oliveira Camargo at Carioca Design Centre

  • The Somoc Goma Co-working space

  • Sanding wood furniture at Oficina Ethos on Rua Camerino

  • The interior of A Gentil Carioca Design gallery

  • A street scene outside A Gentil Carioca

  • Amran Frey at his boutique; Frey Kalioubu

  • A selection of publication at a local bookshop

As next year’s Olympics sends Rio into a frenzy of regeneration and rocketing rents, a small district in the east of the city is emerging as a haven for young designers. Saul Taylor visited the neighbourhood for our latest issue. Here are André Vieira's photographs that accompany the article

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André Vieira

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