Vitsoe: Listening Room 23.09.15

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This week, the producer of Dieter Rams furniture is focusing on music that fits around furniture. In our current issue, we learned how it has built a business around selling less

For London Design Festival this year, Vitsoe has invited The Wire – a magazine of alternative, underground and non-mainstream music – to curate the “Listening Room” at its central London shop. Amid its collection of Dieter Rams’s furniture are records, turntables and small-press publications, with a specially compiled playlist on in the background.

Vitsoe’s relationship with Dieter Rams has lasted for more than half a century and the firm remains completely faithful to his vision. In our current issue, we examined how the principles of adaptability and durability infuse not only the furniture, but everything from its packaging to the design of its new factory, and how it has built a business around selling less

For the full article, pick up a copy of Icon 148: Cities





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