Bankside Design District 21.09.15


Bankside Design District is joining LDF as the first district south of the Thames, and will make its debut with a focus on craft and interaction

ICON: This year, Bankside Design District will be a new addition to London Design Festival. What do you think will distinguish it from the other districts?

NICOLE LEGGETT: Last year there were a handful of events that took place in the Bankside area. However, we felt the south of the Thames was being underrepresented, and that the Bankside design community had much more to show for itself, so at the end of last year we sent out a call to local artists and designers to gauge interest and receive proposals for events and installations. The response was encouraging, as we’ve been able to organise more than 20 events for this year, which is usually difficult for new design districts.

We will have a much larger focus on doing rather than seeing, which is why we will be running a series of craft and making workshops and events within the community, for instance the pop-up sign-making school in Borough Market run by Mike Meyers, who is flying in specially from the USA.

ICON: You’ve also organised a series of collaborations as part of your “Avenue of Arts” initiative on Southwark Street.

NL: Yes, the street is usually just seen as a through road, so we hope to reinvigorate it with installations and collaborative pieces by local artists, architects and designers. For example, photographer Morgan Silk will be collaborating with a digital programmer using the old painterly technique of anamorphosis to create an optical illusion on the street. This, as well as a selection of street furniture and other designs, will help to involve pedestrians and the public in the events and atmosphere of the street.

Pick up a copy of our current issue for more detailed highlights of LDF, which takes place from 19-27 September



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We will have a much larger focus on doing rather than seeing, which is why we will be running a series of craft and making workshops and events within the community,

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