Yves Béhar: ‘We are definitely entering a golden age of design’ 15.09.15

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In our current issue, we visit Yves Béhar at Fuseproject’s San Francisco studio to talk about the growing symbiosis between technology and design

Originally from Lausanne, San Francisco-based Yves Béhar is the founder of Fuseproject, a strategy, branding and product design agency he set up in 1999, as well as chief creative officer of wearable-tech company Jawbone and co-founder of "smart lock" maker August. Known for distilling complicated ideas into simple, intuitive products, Béhar has worked with clients as diverse as Samsung and Swarovski.

For our latest issue, we visited Fuseproject's studio and found Béhar to be brimming with optimism. "We’re definitely entering a golden era of design," he said. "I’m comparing it to the early 90s, when designers were subservient vendors, versus today, where they have a much bigger influence on the world."

Read the full interview in our current issue, Cities




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