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White glass and gleaming metal emphasise the clear design language of the latest Select shower products from Hansgrohe. The innovative push button operation is an intuitive and enjoyable way to switch between functions and easy to use for everyone

Two in one: Generous glass shelf and an intelligent shower control

Hansgrohe’s new ShowerTablet Select 700 now offers you a generous storage space in the shower. The ShowerTablet Select 700 can, for the first time, be used without a visible shower pipe, as the connection between the shower control and the overhead shower is concealed behind the wall.

The ShowerTablet Select 700 is mounted accurately onto the wall and has a level shelf surface made of high-quality glass so it is easy to clean and completely conceals existing connections if used in a bathroom renovation project. The thermostat’s casing is not connected to the water supply, so the shelf temperature is always comfortable to the touch.

The thermostat blends elegantly into any bathroom environment as a result of its white glass surface and its timeless, architectural form.

Water in a new dimension

The new Rainmaker Select range of overhead showers turn showering into a sensual experience and transform the bathroom into a place of refuge and relaxation. The assortment is especially appealing thanks to a new white glass surface – a precious material that turns the products into statement pieces and significantly upgrades the bathroom ambience.

The Rainmaker Select 460 overhead shower has three spray modes and a 46cm spray disc, promising individualised shower pleasure. The generously pleasant power of the “Rain Spray” envelops the whole body with water; the “RainStream” mode pampers with an invigorating massage made up of single jets, and the strong, concentrated “Mono Spray” mode invites you to relax.

ShowerSelect Thermostats: Shower delight at the push of a button

A high-quality glass surface, elegant design and intuitive operation make Hansgrohe’s new concealed ShowerSelect thermostats an attractive addition to any bathroom. Their timeless and clear design blends well with modern architectural trends and the white glass surface fits harmoniously into every bathroom environment.

The ShowerSelect thermostats can be combined with Hansgrohe’s existing product portfolio and the new Rainmaker Select showerheads. The working parts of the concealed ShowerSelect thermostats are built into the wall, creating space for greater freedom of movement in the shower area.

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