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  • The PLAG series

One of Icon's 2014 top graduates, Edinburgh-based designer Seaiby exhibits recycled vessels series PLAG at CDW's Additions exhibition, alongside new lighting series Foarms.

"Reuse this bag," is the modern supermarket's plea, an act to which Seaiby has brought new meaning with his range of recycled plastic vessels PLAG (a portmanteau of "plastic" and "bag"). By applying heat and pressure to piles of high street shopping bags, the designer found he could turn them into rigid sheets.

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He created the series by grinding the sheets down into tiny pellets, which he re-formed around existing bowls and vases. "With heat and pressure, the colour intensity really changes," he says. "A single bag is a bit transparent, but when you stack a hundred of the same colour on top of each other, it becomes really bright."

The coloured grains also make a good guessing game about the material's source: orange for Sainsbury's, hot pink for Superdrug and blue for takeaways. It takes between 80 and 120 bags to make one pot or bowl.

New project Foarms, which will launch at Clerkenwell Design Week, is a family of five lights resulting from similar material experiments. Seaiby has used the project to explore how LEDs can be manipulated and the diffusion properties of expanding foam.

Additions, The Crypt on the Green, St James Church, Clerkenwell Close, EC1R 0EA



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