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Last month Icon editor Christopher Turner interviewed Jaime Hayon at 100% Design. Here, the Spanish designer talks us through the inspiration behind some of his projects

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NY Is Miami

This cabinet is part of the American Chateau project I developed with my wife - photographer Nienke Klunder. We worked on this project for years: what would a 21st-century chateau inspired by north American culture look like? We dreamt about many possibilities of design and art inspired by contemporary USA culture, interpreted and developed with historical quality craft. The NY is Miami cabinet is a skyline interpretation of NY city using the art deco colours of Miami.

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The Guest

A project developed for Lladró - a traditional porcelain figurine company from Valencia - aims to bring relevance to the decorative aspect of porcelain in the 21st century. Although they have a spectacular skill, the company's essence was entirely historical and in danger of dying. I have been collaborating for many years with the brand, aiming to bring it into the present without losing its essential DNA.

The Guest is a collaboration project where various designers, illustrators and people from other disciplines – for example, fashion designer Paul Smith – have been invited to decorate and create their own version of this funny character designed by me. Each artist or designer brings their personal voice to this limited edition collection.

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RO chair for Fritz Hansen

The feminine contours and particular silhouette comes from the desire to create a sculptural piece that is a comfortable as well as a decorative element - beautiful from every angle. The shape of human anatomy and their spinal chord is reflected in the lounging seat.

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Catch chair for &tradition

This chair for the Danish company is inspired by a soft embrace and is meant to fit many environments. With its simple, yet characteristic shape and various possible finishes, it is a great piece for both residential or restaurant and hotel use. It is light, friendly and warm – as a hug should be.

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Pina chair

Now a whole collection, this chair was inspired by the texture of a pineapple. The challenge was to create something innovative with wire. We studied the limitations and historical associations of the traditional use of wire in seating and aimed to create a fresh piece that could work in either an interior or exterior setting. The pineapple-like patterns creates a very particular effect, specially when the cushions are integrated and pushed against the structure.



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The shape of human anatomy and their spinal chord is reflected in the lounging seat

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