Foam Dome 18.09.14

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vPPR Architects has designed an installation for Turkishceramics at the 100% Design kitchens and bathrooms hub that references the luxury of a spa. Practice director Jessica Reynolds spoke to us about it.

Tell me about the Foam Dome

It is inspired by the idea of cleanliness, luxury indulgent experiences and spas. We wanted to incorporate foam and bubbles and explore their soft, cloud-like texture. We also wanted to create somewhere for people to gather – a design that is open and draws you in.

The dome is made from lightweight material and the top is where the foam machine is located, so it falls on the dome creating a giant, bubble-like cloud.

Everything on the lower part of installation is designed with Turkishceramics products, such as the large white tiles, the small white tiles and the bath in the centre, which is the feature piece.

Tell me about your approach to design

We're interested in creating spaces for people to gather, spaces that are socially driven. To do this, they need to be eye-catching and visually intriguing, so they become a point of conversation ­ like the foam is in this case. I think public space is really important, even within just a house.

We're also interested in strong concepts ­ for example, everything from the tiles upwards on this installation is based on a grid and everything lines up.

What else are you working on?

We have just finished a Regent's Street shop window, which is a much smaller-scale installation but also has an element of movement ­ moving clouds and sky.

Our work ranges from houses to cafes and restaurants. We are working on a large house project in west London that has very geometrical rooms, as well as a series of galleries and residential units.



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Image: Benedict-Johnson

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We're interested in creating spaces for people to gather, spaces that are socially driven

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