100% Design: First impressions 16.09.14

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Our highlights from this year's 100% Design mix the best of modern design with a hint of nostalgia, from the childlike charm of Korridor's treasure box to a new take on a seaside classic

Sandro Lopez
Parallax coffee table

With its cream and beige finishes and twisting sculptural form, the Parallax coffee table by Sandro Lopez recalls the futuristic designs of the 1960s. The table is available in beach or oak veneer, and the fabrication of the wood into such cell-like geometries is typical of Italian-born Lopez's work and demonstrates his profound understanding of the design process.

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Barnby and Day
Frame desk

This spacious desk is handcrafted from FSC-certified timber, and comes in either oak or an oak and maple mix. Combining the archetypal elements of a working desk, it falls neatly between old world charm and crisp modern simplicity. Barnby and Day come from different disciplines, one is a furniture designer and the other an engineer, and their skills have complemented one another to create a practical product of high-quality craftsmanship.

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Korridor Design
Pyramid box

These sculptural treasure boxes, designed by Danish architect Henrik Ilfeldt, come in a variety of sizes and colours, from cool greys to a radioactive yellow, and combine a monolithic feel with a childlike charm. Made from solid birch and hand-painted MDF, the boxes are in keeping with traditional ideas of Scandinavian design and functionalist ideologies, but also exude a strong sense of style – something that Ilfeldt and partner Lærke Rune are keen to carry through the whole Korridor Design range: "Products can be turned into art and art can be turned into products," they say.

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Ergo Design
Gravy lamp

Ergo Design provides contemporary office furniture and accessories based on flexible modular systems. The Gravy lamp is a welcome addition to its lighting range, combining LED technology with a warm wood finish. A play on the standard office lamp, it can move through 360 degrees, and the wood bar slides back and forth to suit individual needs.

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CouCou Manou
Loop cabinet

The Loop cabinet by Bath-based company CouCou Manou is striking without being domineering, its timeless style reflecting the company founder Nel Beale's passion for classic cabinet carpentry. The pattern is grooved onto the doors, painted by hand and then finished with a hard wax oil. The black valchromat and peacock blue paint provide an elegant contrast to the black American walnut frame.

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Terence Williams
Deck chair

Returning to 100% Design for a second time since the show's debut in 1995, Terence Williams Design has come up with a modern take on a seaside classic. This leather deck chair reflects the philosophy behind the whole Terence Williams range, reinforcing its position as a company driven by product innovation and improved material technology.



Lucy Wills-Wright

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Products can be turned into art and art can be turned into products

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