Graduates 2014: Central Saint Martins 20.06.14

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  • Los Enmascarados by Ana Jiménez Palomar

  • Poured by Troels Flensted

  • Unit by Luisa Kahlfeldt

  • Insect waste vessels by Marlene Huissoud

  • Vessels by Laura Daza

  • Le M speaker by Timothée Mion

Our design editor’s favourites of the CSM graduate show

Furniture styled on Mexican masks, vases made from insect waste and a wealth of production-ready designs were the highlights of Central Saint Martins’ ingenious graduate show (on until 22 June).

palomar 2 

Ana Jiménez Palomar: Los Enmascarados

Los Enmascarados are five playful furniture pieces based on traditional Mexican character masks. Three monster-like maquettes and two full-size cabinets represent a drunk lady, an old man, the devil, a two-faced person and a buffoon.

flensted 2

Troels Flensted: Poured series

Flensted uses leftover materials to make his Poured series, mixing different coloured chips, pigments and resin and leaving them to set in a mould. So far, he has used the resulting surface material to make a tabletop and a light.

Watch the making of Flensted’s Poured table

Kahlfeldt 2

Luisa Kahlfeldt: Unit lamp

Many BA Product Design graduates worked with real-world clients, resulting in well-resolved designs that look ready for market. In Kahlfeldt’s case, the client was Luceplan, for whom she designed the clever wall-mounted lamp, Unit.

huissoud 2

Marlene Huissoud: Vessels in insect waste

The potential for insect waste as a design material has been too long overlooked, according to Marlene Huissoud. Propolis, the resin that bees collect from tree sap, was coaxed into glass-like vessels that Huissoud later engraved.

daza 2

Laura Daza: Coloured vessels

Daza’s project looks to a time before colour came to be commercialised and industrially produced. By revisiting the craft of sourcing and extracting pigments she's in search of a more intimate relationship with colour.

mion 2

Timothée Mion: Le M speaker

Le “M” is a speaker that uses an electromagnet and iron filings to visualise sound patterns. Mion says the product adds to the experience of listening to music, by providing a visual stimulus and another type of connection with the user.



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The potential for insect waste as a design material has been too long overlooked, according to Marlene Huissoud

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