CDW 2014: Installations 19.05.14

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For this year's CDW Presents, three projects conceived by some of London's most talented designers and architects will be exhibited around Clerkenwell, celebrating the diversity of approaches within each discipline

Studio Weave
"Clerkenwell is home to a diverse number of smiths," says Studio Weave co-founder Je Ahn. "Goldsmiths, silversmiths, booksmiths, clocksmiths, inksmiths, even coffeesmiths. The area has a rich tradition of making." Studio Weave, along with structural engineer Webb Yates and fabricator Nicholas Alexander, will construct a pavilion using Equitone fibre cement panels by Marley Eternit that will pay homage to the Clerkenwell tradition of making. Over the three days, this stylised factory with a sawtooth roof will showcase the creative use of tools and equipment and how they can be applied to materials for product-making, with workshops by contemporary craftsmen and smiths who will be in residence.

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Tile Mile
Russ + Henshaw
Beneath the arch of St John's Gate, London-based architect Russ + Henshaw will work with Turkishceramics to create an installation called the Tile Mile. "The project was inspired by the location and the tradition of creating geometric patterns using tiles in Turkish architecture," says the firm's co-founder Lianne Russ. "The concepts presented themselves, but the detail is harder to work out." The two inner arches of St John's Gate will feature parallel mirrors that will reflect the vaulted ceiling of the arch and the floorscape design, designed by the architects. This will create the illusion of an infinite crypt-like space.

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Okay Studio
Okay Studio is a loose collective of designers who first met when studying at the RCA. The group operates as individual studios that sporadically come together to exhibit. At CDW, with the support of the American Hardwood Export Council, five teams will produce new designs for an exhibition at the SCIN Gallery. Mathias Hahn, Liliana Ovalle, Ed Swan, Andrew Haythornthwaite and Peter Marigold, and Hunting and Narud have each selected a species of wood that they will work with. Sculptor Adam Kershaw will help produce each design, at his workshop in Kent, which the designers visited for a day-long course to help develop their ideas. "Everyone in the group has a particular approach to design," says Liliana Ovalle. "It will be interesting to see how this emerges through the different proposals.



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The Tile Mile project was inspired by the location and the tradition of creating geometric patterns using tiles in Turkish architecture

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