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I don't generally live with many objects around me. Perhaps it's a type of editing – keeping just a small number of things so that I can really appreciate them. There is a long process before an object finds its position in my home, but things hardly change once they settle. I tend to choose things that relate to an experience rather than from a simple appreciation of their beauty.

5MW-inside3credit Ben Murphy

1 Stone collection I remember as a teenager, I used to spend hours walking along the beach, searching for the perfectly round pebble. Every holiday, every journey to another place became a project, an obsession to find the ultimate accidental formation. Sometimes, I would get excited when I spotted a pebble half-buried in the sand and I would pray that, when I picked it up, there would be nothing distorting its shape. Only now do I look at this big collection of stones and see how beautifully different they are.



Michael Anastassiades

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It was one of those day-dreaming moments when you are waiting for the photographer to finish a previous shot

E1-Lampe Memphis Super 1981 - copie rt

2 Super lamp by Martine Bedin for Memphis I first spotted this lamp in a store in South Kensington when I came to London to study in the late 1980s. Years later, I managed to afford it. It is so different to anything I design, yet it makes me smile every time.


3 The Moon I once asked an architect friend of my father's why his house was always so dimly lit when we went to visit in the evenings. His answer was simple: that there is a reason why there is the night and there is the day, and that we should not try to turn one into the other. Years later I find myself designing lights, searching for the perfect glow.

credit Helene Binet

4 Marble slab I was art-directing a photo shoot, as part of my creative consultancy for Luce di Carrara. It was one of those day-dreaming moments when you are waiting for the photographer to finish a previous shot. I spotted this slab of Arabescato Altissimo that had been randomly pulled out of a sliced block. It could easily have been cut into smaller tiles and its beauty missed.


5 Good Design by Bruno Munari A beautifully poetic book analysing the reason behind the "design" of such objects as the orange, the pea and the rose.


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