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Is the little red tab not a fuse holder? It might be a 20mm fuse instead of the old Imperial 1/4" ones, but that doesn't make it dangerous. And as for the live pins being exposed, they're as exposed as a standard pin is on a standard plug. That's why they're sleeved - to prevent contact while inserting or removing, just like the BS1363 standard plugs. Shutters on the 3-to-1 would be a concern, but they can be added very easily if required.

Basically, many people here look to be just trying to find faults rather than see how this is simply a prototype concept that could easily be improved if necessary to meet safety requirements. And there's also nothing to say that BS1363 can't be updated - it's happened before. Or an entirely new standard be published to cover a new standard of connection. I suppose it's almost the sparky equivalent of trolling - there's always someone who thinks they're the expert and doesn't think anything should ever change because them and their limited knowledge might get left behind...

Anyway, great project, great concept, and keep up the good work!