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So, to all you "it's not safe, where does the fuse go," people:
1) it does contain a fuse, under the red release switch. That switch unlocks the flats but can be removed with a Phillips head screw underneath. This is only possible when folded (so you can't do it when plugged in)

2) it is internally switched. You could plug it in when the flaps are folded, but it would be switched off. It would be possible to make a connection across the leads, but this internal switch would help train people out of this behavior.

3) I know the UK has higher voltage than almost everyone else, but you must admit your plugs are insanely chunky and space inefficient. I say kudos to this person for attempting to tackle the problem, even if their solution has drawbacks.

To be stuck on the old way of doing things out of what appears to be a sense of tradition is silly.