Pierre Charpin

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words Johanna Agerman

8½ is the name of Pierre Charpin's new collection of limited-edition works for Galerie Kreo in Paris. "I didn't want a round number - it's playing on something being unfinished and still in between," says Charpin of the name. "And I showed one of the pieces [Moon mirror] at the opening of the Galerie Kreo last autumn so it's not strictly new."

But it's difficult not to think of Fellini's masterpiece 8½, where Marcello Mastroianni's ill-fated character slips between dreams and reality. Charpin's pieces have a similarly dreamlike quality.

The Monolith coat hanger balances uneasily on a metal plate; the Parabola lamp exudes a soft pink sheen, seemingly without a light source; the aluminium Cockle table is ambiguous as to whether it's squishy and soft or cold and hard; a circular table, reminiscent of a spinning top, is suspended from the ceiling rather than resting on the floor.

"The pieces are drawn from my thoughts, both tangible and abstract," says Charpin.

Although the collection uses only two materials, aluminium and resin, the different production processes and surface treatments make it seem like many more. Despite the series' aesthetic coherence, Charpin was determined to give each piece a distinct character, "to stave off boredom for my own sake and spare those who follow the progress of my work from boredom also".

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