The Icon 20/20 Designers: Marije Vogelzang 01.05.09

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Dinner in Tokyo during solo exhibition in the Axis gallery, 2008

Marije Vogelzang has tapped into the zeitgeist - taking the very current issue of how and what we eat, and addressing it in the language of a designer. Vogelzang is one of the few designers focusing on designing an experience - that of eating - and using it to address cultural and social issues. She has helped obese children curb their eating addiction by focusing on food colour rather than content, and for her graduation project she designed an all-white wake that focuses on togetherness and spirituality, rather than putting everyone in black.

She says she's no therapist, but her dinners inadvertently get people talking. One typical project was in Beirut, where she worked with a diverse group of locals who were still recovering from the emotional scars of Lebanon's civil war, to create a food market that mixed painful memories and emotions with fun. The Design Academy Eindhoven graduate has proven that you can have a successful design career - combining the Dutch trend for conceptual thinking with the modernist goal of social improvement - without leaving a physical trace.

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sharing lunch 2 24

Dinner in Tokyo during solo exhibition in the Axis gallery, 2008



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