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The Think City Car

Holistic car manufacturer Think is 17 years old. It is now on its third owner, having been bought and dumped by Ford and Kamkorp. Its product, one of only two crash-tested electric cars in the world, was ridiculed by the BBC's Top Gear. It nearly went bust last year. But Think has hung in there, with a devoted team of designers guided by one of the few women in the industry, Katinka von der Lippe - and the Norwegian manufacturer is finally about to get its break. The 100 refined models released are in huge demand and the car went global this year. The plastic-shelled Think City is almost completely recyclable, charges overnight, has a range of 200km and can travel at up 
to 105 km/h. "Von der Lippe is fantastically good at what she does and very good at working with the right people," says Dale Harrow, head of vehicle design at the Royal College of Art. "It's a different approach to 
a car but it's exceptionally good."

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Adam Laycock



Justin McGuirk, Johanna Agerman, William Wiles, Anna Bates, Beatrice Galilee, Oliver Wainwright, Alex Pasternack, Matthew Barac, Sean Dodson


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