Future 50: Random International 01.08.13

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Icon asked a dozen experts and practitioners to nominate the people they think are, in some way, shaping the future. The resulting list of global talent is a snapshot that shows how young designers and architects are pushing the boundaries of their disciplines and trying to change the world

Since Random International contributed to Icon's manifesto issue (Icon 050), the studio has come to define itself as artists rather than designers but as Hannes Koch, one of its directors, explains, this stems from its "massive need to control how to do things", rather than from a change in how it approaches the world. This spring, people queued for hours to enter Rain Room in the Barbican's Curve Gallery (they're currently doing the same at MoMA in New York), where sensors controlling jets of falling water gave visitors the impression they could control the rain. Like all of Random's work, it explores the connections between technology and the human body. So, for example, an early work, Audience (2008), commissioned by the choreographer Wayne McGregor, was a field of synchronised mirrors activated by a person walking through them. As for the studio's future direction, Koch says that "Artificial intelligence is a field that cannot be left to PRISM."






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