Thursday, 23 August 2007 11:02

Manifesto #48 Patrick Lynch | Architect

Manifesto #48 with architect Patrick Lynch in London.

Published in MANIFESTOS

This is the end of a terrace in Hackney, north-east London. Lynch Architect's timber house is situated not on a high-brow Bloomsbury terrace, but among a debased early Victorian example in an inner suburb of the city.

Published in ICON 034 | April 2006

A generation of emerging London architects has turned its back on the sensationalist form-making of the starchitects and is making buildings that are often very quiet, and deliberately ordinary.

Published in ICON 023 | May 2005
Wednesday, 21 March 2007 11:04

Marsh View House | icon 002 | May 2003

It is stories that distinguish architecture from building. The architectural theorist Beatriz Colomina writes that contrary to the myth, Daedalus was not the first architect - he built the labyrinth but did not understand its structure. Ariadne, however, interpreted it, with the help of a conceptual device (a ball of string), and thus should be conferred the title. Architecture is a critical and interpretative act as we conceive of it today.

Published in ICON 002 | May 2003