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Birdsong and a forest of plants greet you as you enter the Aktipis flower shop in Patras, Greece. Athens-based architect Point Supreme has brought the florist back to basics with its first project on home turf.

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A wedding chapel has been designed by Jun Aoki for the Hyatt Regency hotel in Osaka, Japan. The Tokyo-based architect describes it as "serene, silent, solemn and supreme".
Published in ICON 045 | March 2007

On Omotesando-dori, architecture and consumption come together like nowhere else on earth. Along this tree-lined avenue, and in the backstreets of the Aoyama district that it bisects, are dozens of contemporary palazzi, built not by wealthy, cultured citizens, but by global fashion houses. Oxford Street, the Champs Elysées and Madison Avenue look tired by comparison.