Few figures in 20th-century design have perplexed the world as much as the self-proclaimed “anticipatory design scientist” Richard Buckminster Fuller.

It’s something the Galerie Kreo owner says a lot, normally with a modest smile. He doesn’t seem very neurotic.

How can you improve a view that is already sublime? Norway’s untouched coasts, fjords and mountain valleys offer some of the most dramatic vistas in Europe

This year, London’s architecture degree shows were as eclectic and artistic as ever, with designs veering between romantic exoticism and precision engineering.
We did a bit of a survey this year. After several editorial meetings wondering whether the limited-edition design phenomenon was influencing graduates’ choice of career path, we thought we'd find out.

Who does the worlds biggest microchip manufacturer turn to when it wants to see the future? A company like Intel is in the business of long-term betting, and it can't afford to get it wrong.

The NLA Sky Walk by Carmody Groarke zig-zagged its way through a little-known street behind the British Museum, weaving between picnicking families and medieval dancing workshops.
Pavilions always pop up during the London Festival of Architecture (formerly the London Architecture Biennale), but this year there was a bumper crop of them.
“We brought the fog to London,”grins Alex Roemer of French architecture collective EXYZT, the mischievous guerrilla team who transformed a gritty corner of Southwark
Placenta urns and breast-milk necklaces were probably the last thing French food and design foundation La Cuisine thought of..
Sausage-bird is an installation by Dutch “eating designer” Marije Vogelzang (icon 059). Wrapped in knitted wool, the installation looks at first glance like something to cuddle.
A forest of terracotta columns surrounds the Spanish Pavilion at the Zaragoza Expo. The work of Navarrese architect Francisco Mangado

“Sometimes I wish we could just exhibit this, with the amount of time it takes us,” says Yael Mer, one half of the London-based design studio.

In New York the East River has been adorned by four man-made waterfalls, designed by artist Olafur Eliasson.

In Los Angeles the humble brick has had a redesign courtesy of Greg Lynn/Form. Blob Wall is a partitioning system built up of large individual “blobs”

“I wanted it to look like a house made by a kid,” muses architect Johannes Norlander of the Villa Alta. “A kid who was kind of, ‘Fuck the context.’ You know?”

L’chaim, “to life!”, is the Hebrew phrase apparently spelled out by the volumes of Daniel Libeskind’s new Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco.

The Swiss Army bag has been revisited by young German designer Michael Sans, after he decided there was no quality modern equivalent of the classic

Scandinavian design as its simplest and best - we really liked this oil lamp that steals its shape from the traditional version, and streamlines it.
House is part of Nottingham-based Sono Design’s second product range, released this summer. The ceramic candlestick is shaped like a house, with a candle in the place of the chimney.
"We've got lots of beans... purple beans, green beans. All sorts of beans," says Dan Wood, proudly listing the virulent produce of Work AC's Urban Farm installation for New York arts venue PS1. "There are radishes up there, lettuce, spinach, five different types of tomatoes. The potato vines are coming along nicely too."
Sergey Brin and Larry Page founded a company together on 7 September 1998. They were both just 25. The company was called Google. Exactly 10 years later, they are worth $18.6 billion. Each. They employ 19,000 people.