It is a rare thing for an architect to have enjoyed such a close relationship with government, let alone to see his personal ethos turned into policy. As the nation tots up Tony Blair's legacy, Rogers might well consider his small part in it.

Dagenham sprawls carelessly around the edges of London, Essex and the Thames Gateway.

There is too much emphasis on the finished product in design schools. A work in progress is much more interesting – when it’s finished it can’t grow anymore. In my opinion, education should make more of this potential.

Shit! Daddy's Going to Kill Me - a Burberry-clad little girl leaning over a beheaded deer - is among the ten pieces in British ceramicist Barnaby Barford's recent series.

Pippi Longstocking was the inspiration behind a vivid yellow and green kindergarten in Berlin, which has been given a new lease of life by Die Baupiloten - a studio made up of architecture students from the city's Technical University.

Between Anthony Gormley's statues and acres of turf, London's public spaces are changing. Bah! I preferred the bad old days.
There are three things that everyone knows about shopping trolleys. One, a strangely large number of them end up in canals. Two, they are virtually impossible to steer. And three, people like to push each other around in them whilst drunk. None of these has anything to do with shopping.

Vaults, arches, arcs and smoothly poured concrete are the signature elements of Toyo Ito's new library on the main campus of Tama Art University in Hachioji City, west of Tokyo.

What happens when you translate the ephemera of a website into a physical space?